This page is dedicated to  the exploration of the mythical creatures of yoga, an ongoing project and collaboration with an amazing writer, published author and wonderful friend, Sarah Wolf.


Dorothy only had lions and tigers and bears to worry about — no one tells you about the elusive cow-faced eagles or three-legged dolphins. But trust me, children, these are the creatures of legend. These are creatures moved with the breath of a purposeful master. These are animal variations you see for a moment and by the time you’ve rubbed your eyes to prove that they’re really what you think they are, they’re gone. But if you stand in one place and watch long enough, you will see more and more magic morph before you. Me, I’m not like Dorothy — I don’t worry about her pedestrian lions and tigers and bears — but since I have seen beasts that bring an imagination to life, that ask you to question the how’s and the why’s and the what’s, I know enough to caution you about what is in store. Children, just wait until you see what I mean with your very own eyes — because you will, very soon. You will stand face to face with things you won’t believe are possible until you can reach out and touch them — and even then, you’ll look back at me with awe. I can’t prepare you for what we will find on this journey together. But I can assure you it will be your beyond anything you could dare to dream. Come now. Take my hand. Follow me. There’s no Yellow Brick Road here so stick close.
— Sarah Wolf