trikonasana [triangle pose]

Yoga is wonderful.

this is where i'm going to write all reasons i love about yoga, why it is wonderful for you, how accessible it is, my philosophy, something about myself, my history and how i came to do what i do.  constant journey.  transformation. how i view my role in my community and how my life and perspective have been shifted by practice.  favorite quote about yoga perhaps. practice and all is coming.

maybe some more stuff about yoga here. Who knows how much one can write about yoga.  there are many many books on the subject, and i should probably begin the long journey of reading them.  maybe not all of them, but lots of them.  i should start with the dozen or so sitting on my bookshelf, not a difficult task.  can i do one per week?  I don't think that's such a big assignment.  i can do that.